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We Serve to Serve Again

Learn More About The History of Wiersgalla Co. Plumbing & Heating

Our founder Edward Wiersgalla began his plumbing career by serving the United States Army. He went on to become an apprentice at Bartingale Mechanical, obtaining his Journeyman's credentials. After achieving his Master Plumber credentials from F.E. Grosvold, Edward Wiersgalla started his own business out of his rented garage until he was able to build the first official company facility located at 1343 Western Avenue in Eau Claire in the mid-1980s.
Founder Edward Wiersgalla
Wiersgalla Co Plumbing & Heating

Becoming a Leader in the Plumbing Industry

The Wiersgalla Company continued to achieve success and expanded into a multi-facility operation. In 1997, Edward Wiersgalla purchased land in the Gateway Industrial Park on Truax Boulevard, where the Wiersgalla Company continues to operate to this day. 

Edward Wiersgalla passed away unexpectedly on December 12, 2009. He is succeeded as owner of the Wiersgalla Co. Plumbing & Heating by Stephanie, Daniel, and Christina Wiersgalla.
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